Why Organic Skincare?

Koko : Organic Skincare Logo - Organic - Vegan - Natural - Ethical - Skincare - Handcrafted organic bathing soaps and skincare range. Individually created using only the finest organic ingredients.

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Why Organic? : I Love ... Love.  I know this sounds grate-some 😆 but I believe we all have a choice in how we want to be, in life. No matter our circumstances. And I choose to live my life in the most loving way possible. For me, if I have a choice. I choose to live life in Love.

This is my mantra. My Guide. My Signpost for where I want to be.

This is how I see Organic. It doesn't matter if you believe in Organic or Organic certification as a concept or not. You don't need to believe in climate change to want the world to be a better place. What matters for me is that living an organic life is the most loving way, at this moment in time, to treat all things. The most loving way to rear animals. The most loving way to treat our land and our food. The most loving way to treat our bodies and our family. The most loving way to treat our workers and each other. The most loving way to treat our wonderful and glorious planet. And this is why I choose Organic.

To give and receive Love by choosing Organic whenever I can and in doing so "intend in action" for a better way for our world and all who live upon her.

Why Skincare? : Gradually changing my family's diet to organic whole foods has taken me on an amazing journey. After researching how our food is produced. I began to look at other areas of our life. Now aware of what companies appear to be selling and what they were actually selling. I grew tired of trying to find a truly organic skincare range. Unable to find 100% organic products or products with no synthetic or unsustainable elements within them. I decided to create my own organic skincare & bathing range.

And so ... I have created a fully transparent organic skincare range. Sourced from certified organic and wild crafted ingredients. Handcrafted here in my studio in a conscious, ethical way.

But most of all. I absolutely love making our soaps, candles & skincare ranges with the best ingredients possible. It fills me with so much joy to make everything we produce for you by hand. Every ingredient is sourced with love to create a beautiful product for you to use. This is what I love best and I hope you love using our products as much as I love making them for you.

And the products? well they speak for themselves 💚

Michelle x