Our Process & Ethos

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Our Process 

Made by hand in the quaint historical village of Charlestown in Scotland.  

Koko : Organic bathing products are individually created to gently cleanse and nourish your skin. Using only the finest certified organic oils, botanicals and essential oils. Our unique ingredients are 100% certified organic or wildcrafted just as Nature intended.

Koko : Organic do not claim to use the "traditional cold process method" in our soap-making. We have taken the utmost care to source raw and unrefined ingredients and for this reason we have developed a process that we believe is the best way to create our soap & skincare ranges ... retaining their nourishing and conditioning properties as much as possible.

We use scientific knowledge to create our products but we use the original source of that knowledge ... Nature !


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Our Ethos 

We therefore do not include synthetic emollients, stabilisers, preservatives, dyes, colours or fragrances, hardeners or bubble enhancers.

You will not find beeswax, silk or any animal derived ingredient or by-product in our soaps, candles or skincare ranges.

We make everything as much as possible here in our studio from scratch ... including our soap moulds, oil infusions, and botanical extracts.

We source our bicarbonate of soda from mineralised deposits extracted by a process using no chemicals.

If wildcrafted ingredients are used, it is imperative for us to have a transparent source supply chain.

Any synthetic ingredient that can be made from a natural alternative we try our utmost to produce here in our studio.

Sodium Hydroxide is the only ingredient we have been unable to source naturally. This is an essential part of the soap making process ... although not in the final product. However, the natural process to create sodium hydroxide is to use ash from wood & kelp and so for sustainable reasons we have decided not to re-create this naturally.